If you want to register yourself, your children, or other people you know to Yoruba language school, please fill out the Application for the Yoruba language school on the contact us page. Then pay on this website the $200 fee for the 12-week program. Due to coronavirus social restrictions, the student will stay at home and receive the instructions via Zoom teleconference. Instructions will be sent by the Principal of the Yoruba language school, Dr. Oyinkansola Jinadu, by email once we receive the details and payment.

Furthermore, The Yoruba Language class is now 1 hour, as opposed to two hours, and will take place on Saturdays from 4 PM to 5 PM. The New class will start on September 11th and end on November 27th. Thank you!

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Yoruba Language School

Learn the beautiful language, important customs, and culture of the Yoruba people with us.

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Yoruba Drum, Dance and Theatre

The Yoruba people are amazing individuals who can weave music, art, and dance into their lives.

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Yoruba Youth Scholarship

Our cultural center focuses on the success of our youth through scholarship funds for high school seniors.

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We offer more programs that everyone can participate in. Feel free to browse through them here.

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Welcome to Yoruba Cultural Center Dallas, Inc.

THE YORUBA PEOPLE ARE ONE OF THE BIGGEST ETHNIC GROUPS IN AFRICA. With their amazing culture and way of life, their journey through time has been a mark of beauty and significance. As one of the oldest cultures in the world, Yoruba is a fascinating culture that one must immerse in. Learn more about the life of the Yoruba People, the largest and most dynamic ethnic group In Africa, with an ancient culture, art and music that have influenced the world.

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The goal of the Yoruba Cultural Center Dallas, Inc. is to promote the language, history, and culture of the Yoruba people in Dallas-Fort Worth area and worldwide through its programs, including Yoruba Language School, Yoruba Art and Heritage Museum, Yoruba music, dance and theater, and Yoruba scholarships programs among several other programs that serve our mission and community.

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YORUBAFEST is an annual festival held in Dallas every summer on a weekend in July-Sept. It is hosted by the Yoruba Cultural Center in partnership with other local and national cultural organizations as an outdoor and indoor celebration of Yoruba Art, Music, Fashion, Food and Culture. The highlight of this festival is the appearance of "Egungun Koluso," the authentic Yoruba masquerade who is the official mascot of the Yoruba Cultural Center. Individuals and organizations, including performers and vendors, who want to participate in this event should provide their information using the Contact Us Form on this page.