Shekinah Creations

Shekinah Creations

Yoruba Cultural Center is pleased to partner with Mrs. Betty Osae, whose fashion design company, SHEKINAH CREATIONS, has been at the forefront of creating fashionable and authentic African designs for men and women in the DFW area for several years. SHEKINAH CREATIONS now has an office and studio at the Yoruba Cultural Center.

  • Yoruba Physicians of Dallas
  • Omo Yoruba organization of Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Deji Olusanya Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Wess & Cathryn Young Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Yewande Paulissen Ogunsan Scholarship Fund
  • The following individuals are affiliated Boosters of the Yoruba Cultural Center:
  • Pastor Pade Okunola, Dallas
  • Pastor Raphael Adebayo, Dallas
  • Mr Michael Folorunsho, Dallas
  • Otunba John Okwubor, Dallas
Kim Agoro

Kimberly Agoro, BA Community activist, manager, and organizer

Partners with the Yoruba Cultural Center in the planning and organizing of many of its events, including the annual YORUBAFEST.

Tedra DeBritto-Williams

TedraDeBrito-WilliamsHealth Care Executive

Partners with the organization with the sponsorship of the Yoruba Cultural Center’s College Scholarship Program


Baba Samuel Obahnjoko (Ifaseyetan)Official Partner & Affiliate

Born in Gary, Indiana and educated at Purdue University where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Supervisory Management, Baba acquired more than 20 years of corporate experience working with four Fortune 500 corporations (Johnson Wax, Texas Instruments, Motorola, and Halliburton). Later as a private entrepreneur, he established Mobile Beauty & Massage Inc., which he managed for 10 years, and Global Fund Inc., a financial service company that provides capital access to minority-owned small and midsized companies worldwide. He is also the founder of the League of Indigenous Nations (LOINS), an organization dedicated to the unification of indigenous peoples worldwide.

An acclaimed spiritual leader and cultural consultant, for more than 35 years, Baba has become adept in the practice of Ifa divination, Yoruba rituals, and traditional medicine here in the US, having been initiated in 2000 in Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria by Fagbenro of the Amusan clan. In 2020, he established the first Ifa Temple in the DFW metroplex, the Ile Ifa Temple of Truth Athens, TX. He is a major priest and official liaison in DFW for Oyotunji Village, a traditional Yoruba village established in S. Carolina 5 decades ago. He is currently the Chief Priest for ancestral Egungun worship and initiation in the DFW area. As an official Partner and Affiliate of the Yoruba Cultural Center, Baba Obahnjoko is in charge of integrating the spiritual and cultural needs and aspirations of the African American community into the overall mission and programs of the Yoruba Cultural Center, Dallas.


Kunle Tometi

Kunle Tometi, PharmD.Pharmacist and Entrepreneur.Fundraising & Projects Liaison with businesses and professional organizations.AMBASSADOR AT LARGE, Yoruba Cultural Center.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria but educated largely in the northern part of the country, Kunle obtained a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Ife in 1988. After three decades of an active professional career, he obtained a Pharm. D (Doctorate of Pharmacy) from Howard University, Washington D.C. 2018-2020. A busy professional, entrepreneur and business leader, among Dr. Tometi’s current positions are: Member of Council, Public policy and Financial affairs, Texas Pharmacy Association; Member, Audit Committee, Texas Pharmacy Association; Member of the Board, Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN); Ambassador at Large, the Nigerian Pharmacists Association, DFW. He is President, Total Pharmacy, Dallas Texas, President, Tometi Holdings Inc, Medical offices, Dallas Texas, and Managing Partner, Takai By Angela, Cedar Hill Texas.

His social and extracurricular interests outside his work as an entrepreneur and pharmacist include his family and church and his charitable work as Ambassador-at-large of the Yoruba Cultural Center. Kunle is a Deacon of the Church of God Mission, Grand Prairie Texas.

“Strong business development, Encouragement and Empowering are the tools that bring people up to be the best they can be.”


Taiwo Olusesan Entertainer, Show promoter,Partner and Affiliate & Yoruba Cultural Center.

Taiwo Olusesan was born in Lagos, Nigeria. After studying Mass Communications at the Lagos State University (LASU), he moved to the United States, where he is forging a successful career in entertainment and promotion of popular music.

With his twin brother, Kehinde Olusesan, Taiwo is the founder and owner of “Better Life,” a media and entertainment company with roots in the Dallas Yoruba and African American community. He has a deep interest in supporting the traditions and culture of his Yoruba people, and is using the platform of the Yoruba Cultural Center to promote Yoruba culture, music and popular entertainment not only in the Dallas area but all over the United States in his role as Cultural Ambassador and Entertainment and Events Organizer, Promoter and Partner of the Yoruba Cultural Center.

Ayangbayi Stephen Ayantunji

Ayangbayi Stephen Ayantunji, BA“Ayangbayi Bata”Cultural Ambassador, Yoruba Cultural Center.

Ayangbayi Ayantunji is a master drummer who graduated with a degree in English Language from Obafemi Awolowo University, Adeyemi Chapter, Ondo. Over the years, “Ayangbayi Bata” as he is popularly known, has transformed the musical and cultural scene in Yorubaland with his highly creative and original drumming skills. Ayangbayi “talks” with his drums, especially the bata and the talking drum, making them sing with melody and meaning. When we hear his drumming, we become connected with those ancient moral values that are disappearing in modern Yoruba society. The world of dreams become real, and we have a sense of the deep, ancient culture of the Yoruba people. This synergy between Ayangbayi the drummer and his drum is like a beating heart pumping nourishing blood into a grateful society.

Ayangbayi also excels in the making of drums which he does with great zest. In his own words, he has this to say, “My mission is to explore and explain to the world the inherent value in the culture of the Yoruba people.” In this, Ayangbayi has largely succeeded. Already celebrated while still relatively young, he has become a creative icon. As Cultural Ambassador of the Yoruba Cultural Center, Ayangbayi will help to proclaim to the world, the beauty and originality of our beloved Yoruba culture in its many manifestations. Ayangbayi lives and works in Ondo and Ibadan, deep in the heart of Yorubaland.

Kolawole Owolabi Ayodele-Oja

Kolawole Owolabi Ayodele-Oja1st President, Egbe Omo Yoruba North America, Ambassador-at-Large, YorubaFest Partner, Yoruba Cultural Center

Kolawole Owolabi Ayodele was born to Ahmed and Mutiat Ayodele of the Eletu Odibo family in Isale Eko, Lagos, Nigeria. He is an international business management consultant with expertise in financial products, industrial raw materials, consumer goods, and agricultural products. Over the years, he has managed and coordinated various projects all over the world, especially in the United States and West Africa. He has held high management positions in reputable international corporations, such as Sumtex, Lockwood Greene, Bolado (Nig), Interflex (Nig), Viewtech (Nig), and Bemil Ltd (Nig). His clients included Shell Petroleum Development PLC (Nig), Lever Brothers, Mobil, First Bank, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, United Bank, Ashland Oil, John Holt, Metal Toyo Glass, Nigeria Petrochemical, Ajaokuta Rolling Mills, Kaduna Textiles Industry, Delarue Travelers Check, and the Lagos Free Trade Zone.

Under his pioneering leadership, Egbe Omo Yoruba USA and Canada became the vanguard of the struggle for a free market economy and democratic government in pre-May 1999 Nigeria. During his tenure, Kolawole initiated many projects and led the movement with energy and purpose. His mediation skills and personal influence on Nigeria’s business and political leaders were part of the international effort that led to the termination of the military dictatorship in Nigeria. His publications include “Plotting A Cause For Yoruba Nation Building,” “Prescription for Political and Economic Revitalization”, and “Plan To Reinvigorate Agriculture in Yorubaland.” Kolawole is the father of five children, three of whom played professional football in the NFL.

Kolawole Ayodele’s diverse network of business associates, friends, and family built over four decades in the U.S., Europe, and West Africa cuts across religious and ethnic barriers. This will be put to great use in his role as an ambassador-at-large of YorubaFest and as a partner of Yoruba Cultural Center Dallas Inc.