Learn the language and culture of the Yoruba people

“To provide education to learn and adopt the Yoruba language, culture, and customs through a standardized curriculum.”

Our goal is to teach the students to have a working knowledge of the Yoruba language that allows them to communicate with parents, families and friends at home and when they visit Nigeria. We want them to see that each aspect of the Yoruba people’s life is amazing and worth learning. That way, we encourage our students to become open toward change and learning.

For Yoruba Cultural Center Dallas, Inc. to continue to share the amazing culture of the Yoruba people, we knock on the door of your hearts to share with us any amount of donations. Financial or not, we will appreciate a donation from you to help us carry out our charitable non-profit programs in the community.

Interested in applying to Yoruba School? We provide a form for you to download and print. Then, please provide the required information and send it to our office.

Application Form