Empowering the youth with the Yoruba way of life.

“To offer a networking, professional development, and Yoruba cultural awareness to youth ages 12-18 years and young adults.”

Yoruba Cultural Center Dallas, Inc.’s Yoruba Youth Group focuses on helping our youth become better leaders for the future. We teach them about values and help them choose their path in life. As beacons of change and support, Yoruba Cultural Center Dallas, Inc. is passionate when it comes to making sure that the young generation of today becomes the best version of themselves. This is not just for them, but for the future of our world and our cultures.

For Yoruba Cultural Center Dallas, Inc. to continue to help young people everywhere, we knock on the door of your hearts to share with us any amount of donations. Financial or not, we will appreciate a donation from you to help us carry out our charitable non-profit programs in the community.

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