Teaches our youth the core subjects for success in a dynamic technology driven world.

“This involves tutoring young people of Yoruba origin or affiliation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.”

– Mrs. Iranloye and Mrs. Adepegba

The Yoruba STEAM Initiative sees to it that young people get to achieve their academics when it comes to the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Just who creates and innovates their way through life, we want these same qualities to be adapted by our students through the STEAM curriculum.

We want our children to be creative and innovative as they prepare for their future career. to apply throughout their lives, the qualitative learning they have acquired through the steam curriculum and externship.

For us to continue to help as many youths as we can, we knock on the door of your hearts to share with us any amount of donations. Financial or not, we will appreciate a donation from you to help us carry out our charitable non-profit programs in the community.

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