Embracing individuals from all cultures.

β€œTo embrace individuals and groups with a keen interest in learning about and becoming a part of the Yoruba culture and heritage.”

– Mr. Peters

For one thing, What makes the Yoruba people special is their valued quality of acceptance and love of other groups. Yoruba people are known to be highly-skilled yet are also down-to-earth people who love to learn and create. Their creativity, wisdom, and culture make them into such a unique tribe, and we are ever so lucky to have a glimpse into their world.

Thus, with our Yoruba community outreach, we focus on those who need our help and acceptance. We encourage everyone to be accepting and creative when it comes to our skills and way of life. With this program, we embrace all people with a keen interest in becoming a part of the Yoruba community. We do not choose whoever we accept, as long as they are passionate and willing to learn.

For Yoruba Cultural Center Dallas, Inc. to continue to share the amazing culture of the Yoruba people, we knock on the door of your hearts to share with us any amount of donations. Financial or not, we will appreciate a donation from you to help us carry out our charitable non-profit programs in the community.

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